About me

Hey there!  I’m Monica!  I’m a self-taught artist based out of Castle Rock, CO.  As you can probably tell, I have one wonky eye due to a series of unfortunate events.  But I’ve never let a little wonky-ness affect my artwork!  I’m a Colorado native and a huge fan of mountains and everything that goes along with them.  I’d pretty much be a mountain hermit if it didn’t mean possible frostbite and starvation.  And the lack of wifi.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, I also love movies and cheesy shows like Buffy and Doctor Who.    Much of my art skills have been gained through practice, but some were passed down from my father and grandfather. I realize this is somewhat of a genetic cheat but I apologize for nothing!  I’ve learned a lot from so many fellow artists and I’ll never take that for granted.  My goal?  Make art, have fun and maybe make some people happy along the way.